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what edits are needed to move the "Common Tasks" panel locat


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I'm using Rista3 as my visual style.


And I love it except for the "Tasks" panel in windows...the designer thought it'd be a great idea to put the panel on top of the window effectively killing the usefulness of the tasks themselves because they spread out to the point you can only see maybe 4 of them across your window when fully maximised.

I want it back on the left side where it's supposed to be but I am totally burning my brain out googling for the proper changes to be made via "resource Hacker" and haven't come across a single reference. I must be using the wrong search terms but either way I have a headache and I'm all p***ed off and I can't f*** with it any longer.

Can someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!! tell me how in the hell I can move this thing to the right place without having to go back to Luna?

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