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Windows 98SE on the lastest hardware


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I think that you will be happy if you will buy Asus MB P4C800E-DX I875, 865PE (S478) or P5P800/SE 865PE (LGA775), 2 x 512MB DDR Geil One S (400~600 Mhz, 1,5-2-2-5), Hdd Hitachi ATA133 250GB (2 x 125GB) 8Mb 7200rpm (128GB max all partitions here), GF FX Gainward 5700~7800 GS, P4 Prescott 3200~3600; Dvd-RW Asus 1814BL, SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, 300~350W. It is a best platform (I875P) and fastest machine for Win98 SE.

But I'm not sure, that your buyers thay have it. Tray to buy some components on Allegro. And I suggested that some components like Hdd or Dvd-Rw should be a new.


"Windows 9x is Dead."...

I think that You don't know what You talking. If Microsoft has tell You, that Win98 is dead, You think that is dead? Im' sorry! Win98 is not death! You see that all systems like WinXp or Vista will die! But Win98 WILL NEVER, NEVER DIE! 50~75% of WinXp is a M$ spam (graphic and binary code). WinXp it is a sh*t! And Vista it is a sh*t and totally mistake! I don't want this system for free! WinXp is too slowly for me and is slowest than Win98 SE. I have not a slowly machine. Temporarily I am forced for usage WinXp by myself, because I don't have drivers for BlueConnect ES75 for Win98 SE. And I never would install this sh*t if not this.

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