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Bliss Reloaded Wallpaper

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I've remade them, and I think the new ones look even better than the old one :). The original bitmap comes at 3000x2000 resolution, while the compressed JPEG has been resized to 2560x1600 to meet ImageShack's file size requirement.


Original Bitmap (8.80MB): http://msfn.yaxm.org/bliss.png

Compressed JPG (1.39MB): http://img186.images...ge=bliss2pm.jpg

Since the link to Original Bitmap file created by Aegis is dead and actually I have that file on my pc, I've uploaded to two image hosts that support 10 MB/file size.

Size 3000x2000 px/9.59 MB.

Direct links to image: http://i.imgbox.com/abokyZt7.png or http://43.imagebam.com/download/vOHAmdK9ODlrT2clndpRhg/15273/152720203/bliss.png

SHA-1: 354c75640861185210b4f5b75ec54d86f01a0bda



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