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Zone alarm, absolutley tearing my hair out!

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hi, im having difficulty with zone alarm, its my personal version (full), im trying to get it setup, even with the config file, heres what ive done.

zap.exe /S /i /noreboot /lickey blah-blah C:\20.xml

it seems to install fine and then gives my a prompt....

Could not find config file


i dont know what this means, nor do i know how to copy the config file there, can anyone help?

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means what it says.

you need to check that the file 20.xml is located on c:\ as you have stated in your install path.

i have read that if you place in install folder it will automatically pick it up from there.

Also, experience has taught me that it can't install at T-13 or T-12 and gives same error message

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