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Windows Server 2003 or XP Professional?


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(Let's put licensing and things along that aside)

The computer:

- Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz

- 512MB of RAM

- Let's say the rest is not related


- Used by three user: me, the owner, other users

- I usually remote it from other pc (while other users/owner is using it on the physical location)

- Gaming (mainly WarCraft)

- Office and some other things (including browsing, irc, http access, playing movies, data transfer (usually via usb drive), etc)

- FTP server (mainly for personal usage)

- Download client (torrent, irc, http, etc)

Currently using Windows XP Professional, with concurrent remote desktop hack applied. Not stable at all :( (it was not originally intended for that kind of usage in the first time installation, so that may be one of the factor).

Now considering reinstalling it (clean install).

The question is: which one should I use, XP Professional or Server 2003? :wacko:

I'm expecting uptime at least >1 week without restarting

Trying Windows Server 2003 on other PC. Problems I find until now:

- No fast user switching (which means the owner and other users will need to log off after using it. Not really a problem... will be solved with little explanation)

- USB drive is not given a drive letter automatically (registry tweak, anyone?)

- Not easy antivirus choice (currently using AntiVir PE Classic. I hope it's okay...)

Problems with Windows XP:

- Not stable for concurrent remote desktop usage (with hack. Not doing this is not a choice...)

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Not sure about the posted application, but for your situation it sounds like W2K3 would suit you better in the long run. You can get around fast user switching, and any good free antivirus package is sufficient if that's what you require. Once you start needing to do server work and testing, using a client OS makes less sense if using a server OS isn't a big inconvenience.

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