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Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433)


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When I close Windows XP Pro x64 Edition down I get the message that I can "Click Turn Off to Install Important Updates" alternatively I can click to turn off without installing them. I also get the yellow instal shield with its exclamation mark in the task bar telling me that I have software to instal.

However the software I have to instal is Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433) and it will not instal.

Does anyone know how I can either get that update to instal (as far as I can see I have not got Flash Player installed, at least I cannot see it under <Start> <Programs>), or remove it so it doesn't keep telling me I have software to instal, whether on the task bar or on shut down.



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you don't normally see that under Start | Programs as it is a Add-On for IE and Firefox or any other Internet browser you may have installed.

If you go to control panel | Add/Remove programs and see if it listed there as either Adobe or Macomedia flash player - if listed it is installed.

However, it came with XP by default and it is that version (very old) that needs the update applied - so you could manual download install and that will probably stop the message

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