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Silent Install for Visio Viewer 2003.


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Ok I would like to make a silent install of Visio Viewer 2003 I know that I can do the following..

vviewer.exe /q /c:"msiexec.exe /i vviewer.msi /qb-! ACCEPTEULA=1 ASSOCIATE=1"

However I would like to do the same thing and just edit the MSI File with ORCA or wise studio.

I have extracted the exe and have 5 files from that






Can I just use the MSI File?

Also where do I add the ACCEPTEULA=1 ASSOCIATE=1 to the MSI?

Please bear in mind that I have just started using ORCA and Wise.

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Hi many thanks for that!

however I wanted to do this in a MSI editor which I have now done.

I extracted the .exe file and then edited the MSI with Wise Studio I added AcceptEULA=1 and ASSOCIATE=1 to the property table.

I did have to rem out the command to run eula check (I did a search for this) but this works great now!

Now I have three ways I can install this app

Modifed MSI.


Command Line.

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you can use the Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit to configure all the setup options and then make a MST file to use it unattended.

get it at microsoft site and use TRANSFORMS=File.msy /qb /norestart switches

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