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Two questions

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Hi all,

I've got two questions:

1. Is it possible to install the ASP(.NET) language on the Apache2 server from a WAMPserver configuration and so yes, how?

2. Could you guys give me some advice on developing a revisions system like Wikipedia has in PHP? I just need an idea on how it should function.


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1. There are ways, like the old (retired) mod_aspdotnet (requires the .NET framework, and windows only AFAIK), or mod_mono along with XSP or XSP2 depending. For classic ASP (not that I'd use classic ASP for anything) there's the old Apache::ASP (actually a CPAN module, so needs mod_perl). If you're really into ASP.NET, nothing's better than IIS. And none of these ways are 100% compatible with ASP.NET (.NET 2.0 [the good stuff] support is partial), and don't expect existing ASP.NET apps to run on it without any modifications and such. BTW, ASP.NET is not a language, C# would be a .NET language. ASP.NET is a stack of technologies.

2. Not sure what you want. To version what exactly? Either ways, there's several ways to create versionning systems, like relying on CVS/SVN and using a front end for it, or storing the old version of whatever in a database's "archive" table (copy current field to that before updating it), but I wouldn't store big files in a database either. When "versionning" binary files you can make sequential copies of it in a backup directory and keep track of those using a database. It really depends of what you're doing. You can look at MediaWiki's code too.

I'm not sure of why you want to use apache to start with, especially if it's for running MS server-side technologies on a MS Operating System.

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1. I think it'd be too much hassle to install it then. And to answer your question on why I would want to use Apache to install ASP.NET on a Windows system: I'm a long-time user of the WAMP Server package (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), and I would'nt like having to install another server alongside my primary setup. Also, I wasn't sure what word could be used best for ASP.NET, so I chose 'language'.

2. What I meant to ask is, what would be the best way to store changes to for example a news post? It is meant to be used in either a CMS or a forum system (most likely not), and I would like to make it a bit like the SourceForge SVN system and Wikipedia's revision system.

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