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a few issues


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Hi, hope someone can help.

I just used the new nlite 1.2.1 and I got a few problems with it, probably just me :(

I first used hfslip to integrate DirectX 9.0c oct and then I integrated all swedish hotfixes

I got a message Advanced INF install error and a few minor problems.


Solved the issue "Advanced INF install error" by changing user rights (from admin-user to admin only)

Here is a link to download a zip with the needed info.

I included

advanced inf install.png (screenshot)

Last Session.ini

Last Session_u.ini








nuhi, still the change user profile option isn't workin.

Hope you can get a look and make it work on Swedish WinXP Pro.

If you do not understand the swedish just ask me.

removed logical disc manager, I think I need that to change the harddrive letter (D>E and E>D)

Does anyone know how I can do that in another way, without the windows tools?

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