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[Fix] User accounts not getting admin rights


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If you create users using the NET USER commands, what nLite probably does, the username must be 4 or more characters to be an administrator account. With 3 characters it can only be a limited account.

Nuhi, you should add a check for this in nLite. This has been my problem for 2 weeks now and I finally figured it out. :D

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I'm starting to doubt my earlier claim. I think that the problem is that there cannot be a user with administrator rights that has the same name as the pc's name. I remember such a thing from installing XP manually few months ago, I usually trick it by adding a space behind it :P That trick doesn't work with nLite though.

Anyway it would be worth to add such a check in nLite.

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Uninstalling with winxp manager will resolve this problem of creating user with admin option error.. Uninstall it with winxp manager then install fresh copy of nlite and copy fresh winxp. Then make new fun with nlite 1.2.1 .

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