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Usb devices in TinyXP


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I'm very confused about my TinyXP with SP2 integrated configured same like beast edition from experience.

I have printers support by default nLite build but can't install driver for HP 5900 Printer.

Always got a message for missing Sccbase.dll and Slbcsp.dll when trying to install full HP driver.

Also i can install driver from inf file from HP's CD but than can't to choose printer from Control Panel.

My scanner Mustek BearPaw 1200CU also can't to be installed.I have all drivers configured properly and my usb posts are ok.I know that because USB disk work ok.What to do!?Does anybody know?

Please! :hello:

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Had the same problem, and used seeveral hours trying different solutions. Tried downloading the dll files, sccbase.dll and Slbcsp.dll from internet and placed hem in system32 folder, you find them several places, and running regsvr32 within system32 to no avail. I also got them into system folder. Then today, a day later i just wrote the new folder "Infineon SICRYPT Base Smart Card CSP" and the other one in the registry where the program error reported it couldnt find it, didn't leave any values there just default. And yes, it then worked, pretty forward. But didn't verify if I needed the sccbase.dll and slbcsp.dll in the system32 folder but I think they are neccessary.

Worth to mention also, Hp universal drivers work but dont fulfill its task as the original drivers and software for my multi-function hp printer.

Think the Tiny XP people really missed out on this one.

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