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I have installed 2 hdd in my computer, 160sata + 40ata. 160sata is my primary hdd. On this disk is installed winxp (unattended). 1st part on 160sata have 20gb and about 8gb used, 1st part on 40ata have 10gb and its empty. I want to clone, or copy 1st partition (with this winxp) to 1st partiton on second hdd (40ata).

Every time i tried to do such clone, restore or copy I've "unlogging" (reloging - i've polish ver, I dont know how to translate it). Enyway I cant log in to system.

I tried to copy (by copy/paste) and with SystemRestoreConsole copy contents from :\windows\system32\config.

I tried create backup -> restore backup with ghost,trueimage.

cloning with ranish (part244)

still same problem.. enyone can help?

btw. sorry for my bad english.

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hard to do screenshot ;)

well, it look like this...

when i'll do smth like copy,clone,backup->restore, after boot from second hdd it says smth like "system cannot boot blabla..." enyway he writes the boot is damaged or there is no boot...

so i go to system console (restore console - i dont really know how is it named), then do fixmbr, fixboot, bootcfg /restore (i think it's restore)

after reboot, he boot with beautiful WindowsXPProfessional boot splash,

(i have set classic, automatic login with empty password on cloned - source system) when he want to log in he displays simple, small windows and writes "Logging to system..." and after about 5-10 sec. he writes "Unloging..." ???

then if he will unloging he again starts to log in... and going round...

if i'll do this again i try to do some fotos with my camera...

btw. sorry for my bad english ;)

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The main problem is cloning to a smaller destination partition. I had similar problem before with Ghost.

Make the destination partition exactly the same size as the source, clone it. Then if you like, resize it afterwards.

Of course you need to edit the boot.ini afterwards, but you already know how to do that from the Recovery Console.

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no, no, no - destination partition can be smaller but big enough to keep data that is about to be cloned.

i did cloning many times with ghost and i know that for sure.

i would suggest to make sure the destination partition on 2nd hdd is primary and active.

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Make sur you have a genuine authenticated WinXP version. I had a similar problem (unlogin) after messing with an install of XP where for some reason (too long to explain but involving my firewall) it wouldn't authenticate my version ...

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