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Customizing "Text Mode" Screens


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Before anything else when you boot from a Windows disc

you get the blue setup screen with the following:

It says Windows Setup underlined in the top left corner with

the message Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI

or RAID driver... at the bottom, followed by the Setup is

loading files message when all the other support for hardware

loads in initially.

Then it says Setup is starting Windows at the bottom.

Then at the top it says Windows XP Professional setup (underlined)

with the text The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned

space on this computer

Then you press D/ENTER/L/UP/UP/ENTER or something like that to

delete the existing partition and start formatting the partition (well OK I

always do!) and then you get to a screen saying Please wait while Setup

copies files to the Windows installation folders. This might take several

minutes to complete. Then under that it says Setup is copying files...

with a progress bar. The whole time it always says the same Windows XP

Professional setup (underlined) at the top.

What I am asking is

1 - Is all this text a part of the same EXE or DLL file?

2 - If so, which file?

I want to make the ultimate customized setup!

I have already ResHacked the file SYSSETUP.DLL that allows

you to change the Windows screens as it installs (I am using

classic setup done with nLite) but now I want to work on the

very first initial text mode setup screens, these are not GUI

based though and I am not sure (I actually have no clue) where

this file is, whether it is a cabbed file or not (I wonder how it

possibly can be since it runs right away?)

HELP! :blushing:

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Hmmmm, then it says "NTLDR is corrupt, the system cannot boot"

I didn't touch NTLDR though!

Maybe its best to just not even bother eh?

It does not mention the name of the OS in SETUPLDR.BIN

where it appears in the top left corner on the blue setup


"Windows XP Professional setup" does not appear anywhere in

SETUPLDR.BIN aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!

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Look also at SMSS.EXE :)

SMSS.EXE only has "Version Info" in Reshacker.


"Windows NT Session Manager"

I guess get all the .EX_ files and look at them all?!

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