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Windows Media Player 10 & KB917734 hotfix svcpack.inf


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Hello guys,

I have a problem when I'm installing Windows Media Player 10 and the KB917734 hotfix in svcpack.inf. And of course I'm installing the KB917734 for Windows Media Player 10. I've searched the forum but the only thing that I could find was the install problem with Windows Media Player 10 itself!

This is what my svcpack.inf looks like:



Signature="$Windows NT$"







"MP10Setup.exe /q:A /c:""setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /DisallowSystemRestore"""

KB917734.exe /q /n /z



Windows Media Player 10 is installing just fine. And for the hotfix... It's in the list of software in Windows, but if I'm running Windows update it tells me to install the hotfix. So the hotfix isn't really installed right?

I hope this explains my problem well enough. I'm Dutch so my english is not really the top of the notch!

I really hope you guys can help me with this.


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i installed the media player from RunOnceEx every time and i have the hotfix on the svcpack.inf. i have the problem once or twice but cant remember what happened when it went away.

you can try to install media player 10 and all the hotfixes for it from runonceex to see if it works.

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KB917734.exe, KB902344.EXE, KB922770.exe and languages for netframework 2.0 only can be installed from RunOnceEx or similar, not by svcpack.

If someone manage to isntall any of these files by svcpack please tell how.

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I know i can install it via RunOnceEx (I have read the posts! :yes: ), but I just want to install ALL the updates for Windows via svcpack.inf if this is possible. And this is the first problem I have with the svcpack.inf method.

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As I said in my previous post it's not possible to install those updates by svcpack. Maybe possible if someone changes some parameter ins the instalation package like netframework 1.1 and 2.0 that is discribed in forum.

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As far as I can determine, installing KB917734 from svcpack doesn't update (or perhaps it gets overwritten again?) wmp.dll to ver. from ver. 3802 in system32 whereas it updates the reg entries and the cat OK.


Test install, stopped at T-10: wmp.dll is v.

By T-5 it's back to v. 3802.

At first logon (before actually logging on), it remains v. 3802.


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