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unattend/sysprep/imagex errors

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So maybe I'm not totally crazy...not all of the unattended settings are working properly. And while we're at it...what's the deal with the new (5728 and 5744) builds not working with the new version of the BDD (3.3)? The BDD is useless to businesses if they can't test what Microsoft is actually planning on releasing...

the BDD is built based on a specific version that is out at hte time, this was the same with all the previous versions on the BDD. i agree it does make it hard to test if there has been any changes in newer build but MS only gives out ctp build to select partners. and sadly i don't know any of them :) we will just have to wait, november is right around the corner and with that Vista will RTM and the BDD will be finalized. if you have bugs or issues with the current version that is available make sure you post them up on the connect website so that MS can look and make sure they are taken care of

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Fizban, I've been quite careful to post all my difficulties.

I'm still trying to get my sysprepped image to work...this time I'm injecting the driver database in offline mode (which, according to the log file that it creates, works just fine) and sysprepping straight to the OOBE phase, skipping audit. Now, on the first reboot after sysprep, I'm told that "Windows cannot configure this computer's hardware" or something to that effect...even though this is the build machine I had Vista installed to before I ran sysprep.


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So, I've heard in a couple places now that one reason some settings are being ignored is becuase the version of Vista I'm using (downloaded from my MSDN site) is NOT a VLK version, and thus does not observe a lot of the unattended settings. Some people with better beta connections than I have (like real members of the TAP, or something) might have actual VLK versions of the beta.

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this rumor?

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