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silent install Dvd-Lab Pro


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Pre version 2 used to just rely on the registry info, but this version also adds a key here


This changes with each computer (Including Fresh OS install) and probably each version from what I have observed so just adding the serial etc will not work, nor will exporting the key above.

I Don't know about silent but you could make it Unattended, create an AutoIt script to add the info for you, one thing is that the DVDlabPro.exe seems to close the process that spawned it, I noticed this with InCtrl5 and Installrite, so if you start the exe from your script it will terminate and you'll be left with open windows, run the exe using cmd.exe. You could either hide the windows or move them offscreen but personally I think it would be a waste of time for the amount of time they are visible.

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install by /silent or /verysilent

serial is located at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVDAuthorPro]

For older versions that worked, the installer is still Inno setup so the switches work, but the registration doesn't work for version 2, the serial is still added to the reg key above but also to one created in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID.
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1st time run..

it remove the the reg imported to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVDAuthorPro]

what the hell....

:D , after registering using the exe I have also deleted the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVDAuthorPro with no complaints from the program. I use an edited inno setup and an AutoIt script to register. The names and serial have been changed to protect the innocent :P


Dim $RegDoneTitle = "DVD-lab", $RegNagTitle = "Shareware", $RegInfoTitle = "Enter Registration Info", $Exe = '"' & @ScriptDir & "\DVDlabPRO.exe" & '"'
Dim $Name = "Bruce Wayne", $Serial = "11223344556677", $UnlockCode = "12345-12345-12345-12345"

RunWait(@Comspec & " /c " & $Exe , "", @SW_HIDE) ; Start from cmd 'cos DVDlabPRO.exe terminates spawning process.
WinWait($RegNagTitle, "") ; Wait for the register nag screen
If Not WinActive($RegNagTitle, "") Then WinActivate($RegNagTitle, "") ; Activate the Register nag screen.
ControlClick($RegNagTitle, "", "Button2") ; Click the "Enter Reg Code" button.
WinWait($RegInfoTitle, "") ; Wait for the registration window.
If Not WinActive($RegInfoTitle, "") Then WinActivate($RegInfoTitle, "") ; Activate the Reregistration window.
ControlSetText($RegInfoTitle, "", "Edit1", $Name) ; Add the Name.
ControlSetText($RegInfoTitle, "", "Edit2", $Serial) ; Add the Serial.
ControlSetText($RegInfoTitle, "", "Edit3", $UnlockCode) ; Add the unlock code.
ControlClick($RegInfoTitle, "", "Button1") ; Click the ok button on the registration window.
WinWait($RegDoneTitle, "") ; Wait for the successful registration window.
If Not WinActive($RegDoneTitle, "") Then WinActivate($RegDoneTitle, "") ; Activate the successful registration window.
ControlClick($RegDoneTitle, "", "Button1") ; Close thesuccessful registration window.
WinActivate($RegNagTitle) ; Activate the Register nag screen.
ControlClick($RegNagTitle, "", "Button4") ; Close the program.

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