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computer freezes


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ive 2 computers and if i install 98se on either or xp pro on either both will freeze after a while. if ran maxtor diagnostics tool and seems fine. if i do a low level format the same happens. BUT if i put linux on either machine the problem doesnt exsist

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Leaving Linux out of the equasion for a minute.....I'd look at the heat buildup problem on the CPU and ram or RAM failure. When RAM gets dirty, it will short out and cause all sorts of weird problems.

You can run a ram test program like Memtest86 or just plain wash your RAM in Alcohol and air dry for a few hours (overnight is best) and try again. It's more or less obvious that your problem is NOT related to the hard drive. Very few lock up problems are related to a hard drive. IMHO.

It really shouldn't be that hard to find the culpret. :thumbup

Good Luck,

Andromeda43 B)

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