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Auto Log Off After Log on in XP


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I have this strange problem with my friends laptop.

His computer had some possible Spyware / Adware inside which causes slow down.

Since his Xp wasn't even up to Service pack 2 i decided to update it first.

After updating the computer were faster. And after uninstalling MatLab and installing some update.

I restarted the laptop. And now i could not log on. Everytime i log on when the wallpaper just show it will auto log me out again.

I try to boot into Safe Mode to resolve the problem but it seems safe mode has the same problem with logging as well.

Anyone has any idea how to solve it?

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Hi Guys,

I have this same problem too. I've looked everywhere trying to find an answer to this. This is the 2nd time this error occured. Last time I formatted my hard drive to solve it but I want to find out what causes it. I've tried repairing Windows but it didn't work plus holding shift doesn't work either.

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Just managed to enter safe mode. I copied userinit.exe from setup cd to windows\system32 dir. It was deleted every time I tryed to enter Windows in normal mode. I think it was Spycatcher doing that since now I deleted it, it is still there. However I still get kicked out everytime I log in.

Edit: I solved it!!! :thumbup I think it was cus I changed the registry to point to explorer.exe instead of userinit.exe

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