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Upgraded from 4.3.5 to 5.4


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hi i have just upgraded from 4.3.5 (thought it was tiem to update my unattended dvd).

I see there have been a few changes ;)

I've managed to figure most things out however i can see no documentation (and have tried searching) on what we do now we no longer have WPI.cmd.

wpi.cmd in oem folder so it gets copied to the system32 folder.

I used to do this via winnt.sif file



and then install my applications via (for example)


WPI is located in d:\wpi

(e.g. wpi d:\wpi\wpi.hta)

Software setup programs in d:\software\

(e.g. d:\software\applications\office.exe where d is the cdrom)

So how does wpi work now that wpi.cmd no longer exists and how do you actually run it after windows setup like my previous version (above) did?

Many Thanks for your time.

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