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Cool and Quiet under 98se on new pc - needing help

tee charoen

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Hello Folks,

I'm a newly joined member and need help from those who have successfully installed

AMD's CnQ under W98se.

My new Pc is a self assembled box, specs as follows:

* Asustek M2V motherboard Via K8T890 chipset

* 1 gig 533 Kingston ddr2 ram

* Amd Athlon64 X2 3800+

* ATI pci-e Radeon X300HM Vga using ATI's Win Me catalyst drivers. (Upgraded to Powercolor X800GTO PCI-e)

* 2 80G Seagate ide drives. (Upgraded to 2 x 160Gb Seagate ide drives)

* SbLive 5.1 sound card

* Linksys 100tx Lan card

* Hec True power Psu 480W

Although Asustek does not support Win 98se on this M2V board, nor supplied any Win98se

drivers whatsoever, I was able to get Win 98se up and running on this box using drivers

from VIA's website (HyperionPro 5.10 chipset driver) and Microsoft's native Win98se

Ide driver (this being recommended by VIA for those using "legacy oses" on motherboards

based on their new K8T890/8237 chipsets.

[update: as RJARRRPCGP pointed out in his post below the stock Hyperion drivers works for 98se just as well,

I used the Hyperion 5.10 drivers from Via)

Anyway, I have been running Win98se for about a month now on this Asus M2V motherboard

- and there seems to be no serious issues, except one must remember to disable the

"unknown device" hardware profile in System\Device Manager, or otherwise I got

Windows running in "Dos Compatibility Mode" after a few reboots. That device causing the

exclamation mark is the "E-sata controller" in this mobo which needs to be disabled for 98se

to run without hitches. Other than this it is a wonder that 98se works surprisingly stable under this setup.

It is no issue that 98se will only be able to use 1 of the 2 cores.

The question now is I have "Cool and Quiet" enabled in Bios.

I have installed AMD's CNQ_1_0_8_1 cool and quiet driver for Win98/Me

but nothing much seems to be happening.

Running msconfig shows AMD's driver "gemback.exe" in startup.

However clicking on control panel\power management doesnt show up the

AMD cool and quiet tab and (from other forums) I believe that that tab should show up

if Cool & Quiet was correctly installed.

I ran SpeedFan and it shows my A64 X2 3800+ cpu maintaining an average temp

of between 36C to 39C with Max of 44C depending on apps that I run.

But Cool & Quiet ? Not a ghost of it to be seen anywhere.

There was an older thread on msfn.org- win98se forum from one or two lucky souls

who got cool & quiet installed on their Win98se boxes but there werent any instructions

in that older post (havent got the link right now). But if those gurus happen to be reading

this - I would appreciate all advice.

Thanks to all in advance.

Tee Charoen


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