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My laptop is intel processor based Apple's MacBookPro and I spend most of my spare time trying to make perfect unattended windows installation disk (DVD). The primary software on my laptop is macintosh OS X and my drive 'C' runs windows XP SP2. I have not been able to solve the undermentioned problems till date:

(i) At T-13 a window pops up saying that System Restore is turned off so windows media player cannot be installed. Will I get rid of this problem if I do not integrate the hotfix pertaining to media players in my installation CD. I use [ -s ] switch to integrate all my hotfix to my source files in one go using a batch file. Should I rather use the integrate switch to avoid this warning sign.

(ii) How do i turn off the warning box wherein you are asked by computer whether to continue installing unsigned drivers. In my case these are 'Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP' which are provided by ATI . The unattended switch works fine but i cannot figure out how to override the warning box for unsigned drivers at that particular stage.

(iii) I prefer Diskeeper 10.0.608.0 as defragmentation software and my third querry is how to turn off the 'Buy Software' box which appears at end of this particular software. Something like (HALT BOX) etc.

I have a few other similar querries if any of you people would help me out. I am not being able to solve these by myself. My knowlge about computers is most basic.

Thanks for going through this post. Have a good day and happy surfing. :)

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1. use my windows media addons (in my sig).

2. u should disable sfc (use search within this forum).

Are you really Mr. RyanVM.

Well you are one of the Stars among me & my collegues because you are one of the real computer wizards.

Thanks for your kind reply but i do not want to do this by using predeveloped applications. I am looking for a way wherein i myself do the required editing or whatever. I being a govt officer have plenty of spare time to kill. HA! HA!

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