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How to make uninstall file?


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Hi, this is my first post in this forum. I had been visiting this board since last 4-5 days and found it very useful to learn about many things.

I am trying, these days, to make some of my applications portable so that they are instantly available to use without requiring installation and manual registration. I have put my files in winrar sfx which extracts them to %programfiles%\portable folder.

Now I want help from my seniors in this field, in making an uninstall file, which on a single double click will delete %programfiles%\portable folder and the files and also the registry entries which are made during my application run.

Am I clear enough to make you understand about my requirement?

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Welcome to the forum! :hello:

I'm probably not understanding your question, so pardon me if I miss the mark here. My understanding is that you create an SFX file that unpacks itself to %programfiles%\portable and then installs your application from that directory. After the application installs, you want to get rid of the %programfiles%\portable folder?

If this is the case, you can do this automaically with the WinRAR SFX file itself. When setting up the SFX file, do not specify the hardcoded path in the "Path to extract" field. Instead, go to the Modes tab and click the "Unpack to temporary folder" checkbox. When you do this, WinRAR will unpack the files to a temporary folder, run whatever command you have specified in the "Run after extraction" field and then delete the temporary folder when the command is finished. That way, you don't have to clean up anything.

If this isn't what you are after, please elaborate a bit and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

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I'm not sure if your "requirement" is a portable application?. Using Inno Setup could be a better idea to use then a SFX. An installer is like a SFX, but has all the extra options that you may want.

You can get Inno Setup at this link:


And ISTool a link which is a friendly Gui frontend for Inno Setup:



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Thanks for the suggestios, brothers. I would definitely like to try Innosetup, Installrite or any similar software as suggested. But as on now I prefer to use winrar as I believe that it has better compression ability than other installers. Well, I might be wrong as I didnot give enough tries to other options.

PaulIA, I am sorry that I couldn't make you understand my question. Yes, my SFX file unpacks itself to %programfiles%\portable but then it does not install anything but runs my application directly from there. I know about "TempMode" of winrar, but I don't want to use that for this particular exercise because I don't want to get my foder deleted automatically after the extraction, but later when I decide to remove this softwre from my machine. I can do this manually also, deleting the foder and deleteing the registry entries, but I want to make a quick way of doing that like making a batch file or a macro???

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Thanks, Paul!

I wanted to post that guide long ago. I just lacked time.

But, finally, I got the time to compile and test it again and again on my machine.

Any thoughts are welcome, tho.

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  • 3 weeks later...

i made a batch file containing the switches for unninstallers.

still in test, but most of them worked.

here goes the sample

@echo off

title Desinstalando programas automaticamente

echo Desintalando Nero Burning Rom

start /wait %programfiles%\Ahead\Nero\Uninstall\UNNero.exe /silent


echo Desinstalando GetRight

taskkill /F /IM getright.exe

start /wait %programfiles%\GetRight\UNWISE.EXE /s


echo Desinstalando ICQ

taskkill /F /IM icq.exe

taskkill /F /IM ICQNet.exe

start /wait %programfiles%\ICQ\ICQUninstall.exe /s


echo Desinstalando Irfan View

start /wait %programfiles%\IrfanView\iv_uninstall.exe /s


echo Desinstalando K-Lite nsane version

start /wait %programfiles%\K-Lite\unins000.exe /silent


echo Desinstalando K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

start /wait %programfiles%\K-Lite~1\unins000.exe /silent


echo Desinstalando Mozilla Firefox

start /wait %programfiles%\Mozill~1\uninstall\uninstall.exe /s


echo Desinstalando Winamp v2.x

start /wait %programfiles%\Winamp\UninstWA.exe /s


echo Desinstalando WinRAR

start /wait %programfiles\WinRAR\Uninstall.exe /s


echo Desinstalando avast! Antivirus v4.7

start /wait rundll32 %programfiles%\ALWILS~1\Avast4\Setup\setiface.dll,RunSetup


echo Quando o nome da pasta em que o programa estiver instalado tiver espacos, o DOS nao reconhece o nome da pasta corretamente. Entao usar os primeiros 5 caracteres do nome da pasta, seguido por ~1 (ex: K-Lite~1 eh a pasta onde fica instalado o K-Lite Mega Codec Pack)


echo Desinstalando Windows Media Player 10

start /wait "%programfiles%\Windows Media Player\Setup_wm.exe" /Uninstall /QB




Desinstalando means Unninstalling. ´Cause my language is portuguese.

hope this helps.

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