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customizing 2000


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im trying to change a few things within windows 2000. i have 2003, but it doesnt run on my laptop so i would like to change a few things in 2000 to make it look a little more updated. i have changed the about bitmap, but thats the only one i can fine. i would like to change the startup logo thingy (not the boot screen) that appears when you logon and when its applying personal settings and stuff.

i cant seem to locate this bitmap. does anyone perhaps know where the image is located? i would just like to know. i dont need any help other than that, thanks :D

edit : nevermind >_< i got it lol. it was msgina.dll that i had to modify.

now to change the default boot up colors...:unsure: anyone know how?

edit2: why did i even bother asking? i got it 5 minutes after posting >_< sorry for the post here.

Open regedit and goto "HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors"

you can use the regular windows color editor in paint to get the colors.

mods: delete if you feel neccessary.

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mods: delete if you feel neccessary.
Just because you answered your own question doesn't mean that nobody else will ever need to find the answer you posted. You could post the answer to your second question as well ;)
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