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WMP 10 Shortcut


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as i told u before.... add new user ... they will make new .. same goes to powerdvd too...

i do agree with shark...

run it at second reboot....

use winrar make sfx to startup folder and run at the installation of your appz..

i always have problem with customising shortcut.... that's why my install.cmd /runoncex script run at my startup folder same as yours...

another tips i think of... is

if you know what acc name you wanna use it...

simple mode to use is make rar sfx of the del batch to extract to their start up folder

C:\Documents and Settings\micheal\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

C:\Documents and Settings\jack\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

so when u log on on the account... they will auto del... i dun test myself... the idea just come... lol

something like that....

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