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Unable to remove program


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My son wanted to suprise me one day when I was at work by loading Morrowind on my computer. He thinks that he choose to load it on the C drive instead of the Program Files. When it loaded it send files all through my computer like Java, Windows XP folder just to name a couple. Well, of course the game will not work. I tried to Roll-Back to an earlier date and that failed. So I went through the files on my C drive and removed all traces that I could find including the Bethesda folder that the game was supposed to be placed in. I even ventured into the reg files. Now when I put the disk in to attempt to load the game InstallShield starts up and asked if I want to load Morrowind I choose yes then another window opens with the option to either Modify, Repair, or Remove the program. No matter which choice I make I get a message saying that the chosen task has been completed. Nothing actually happens though. I also have an entry in the Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel that I cannot remove or do anything with. I hope I have given enough information. I am usually able to fix computer quandaries eventually, this time I am stuck. I have to much on the hard drive to dump and reload not to mention the lost weekend it would take.

P.S. I still love you son, but screw with your own computer, leave mine alone. :)

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Hello, if you want to see it disappear from Add/Remove (though some files might stay on the disk ..) give a check in the registry under


Between the keys should be the intruder.

Just delete the registry key (the yellow folder with appropriate name)

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