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Hey, I have an HP Laptop and have customized both my boot and logon screens for Windows XP for months.... but to date I haven't found the option to edit this image that appears between these.... it's this blue swishy thing with the HP logo... I've tried to find it everywhere but to no avail. Any suggestions in how I could change or at least edit this mysterious image?? Please?

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no... let's see

i turn on my lappy, and instantly i see the bios logo thingy....it then turns into the boot screen...that i've changed into this nice, tribal dragon thing, and it, you know, has this progress bar under it.... after a while of that it dissapears, and then for like 4 or 5 seconds THIS annoying blue hp screen appears... it's this blue 3D line thing that has a big plus sign (+) and hp... as in hewlett packard.... and then my logon screen comes on, which i've changed into an FBI terminal thing.

The blue +hp thing is the one I'm sick and tired of.....!!

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You mean

this 5 files in :

C:\WINDOWS\HPQ1024h.BMP 3,145,784

C:\WINDOWS\HPQ1280h.BMP 5,242,936

C:\WINDOWS\HPQ1600h.BMP 7,680,056

C:\WINDOWS\HPQ1920h.BMP 9,216,056

C:\WINDOWS\HPQ800h.BMP 1,920,056



perhaps :D

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Thanks for taking the time to replying

ok, that screen is VERY similar to mine but it's not really the same... and I can't find those files in my system anywhere... in fact I just finished doing a google desktop search for ALL .bmps in my computer.... sorted through more than 730 of 'em....nothing. But it IS something liek that!! Aghh, i feel so close!!

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