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Cursor Removal Bug...


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Afternoon all...


;# Multimedia #
Mouse Cursors

"$OEM$/$$/Cursors" contains numerours custom mouse cursors.


During text setup I see the cursors copy over.

But once setup has finished, I check the Windows directory and the cursors folder isn't there.


I created another disc with nLite that DOESNT remove Mouse Cursors


My cursors seem to be there once setup has finished.

But so are all the default ones... which I don't want.


So I addded all the .CU_ and .AN_ files that are in the I386 folder to the remove section in nLite.

Left my custom cursors in the Cursors folder within $$ within $OEM$ on the Disc.


Internet Explorer doesnt install, Media player doesnt install.

Numerous shortcuts are missing from the start menu



I've come up with a solution but it's very much NOT ideal...

Leave Mouse cursors unticked in nlite.

Leave all the .AN_ and .CU_ files on disc.

Once isntallation is complete a batch script will run with will delete them from the Cursors folder.

does anyone know why all this happens? What does nlite do when you select Mouse Cursors for removal, and why does it go potty if you remove the .cur and .ani files whilst leaving Mouse cursors on????

Please someone help me?

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i had the same problm

bcoz whe we put cursor removal nlite processes them in first gui run once

bu running

rundll32 advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 ""%10%\Cursors

so onwards second boot all cursors are removed

(incluing that copied $OEM$\$$\curosrs

i asked nuhi to fix that

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Ok I hear ya, so to remove the auto (had to be empty) folder deletion of the cursors.

Any other folder?...if you want it to be not deleted with the according component let me know.

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Select Mouse Cursors, nLite should remove all default cursors.

During setup before the nlite script decides to remove the Cursors folder it should check if its empty first...


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