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silent switch for mcafee


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hello, i work as an i.t. guy at a company with around 200-250 computers. We run the mcafee virus scan program. for the last few days we i have been going around to everyones computer individually updating there computers with the newest patch (13). once i did that i had to re-install the framework package for them because they werent updating properly. I tried to do it remotely and it works but it would confuse the users to have a box pop up in the middle of their work, so i need to know if there is a silent switch i can use so there is no user interaction, i want the box gone completely.

I had seen a switches page around here earlier but i lost it.

the path to the file is \\server name\user\framepkg.exe

i tried to use /s and /silent but it gave me an error saying to select an executable on the system.

oh, and i am doing this through a new task in the virus scan console, remotely connected to another computer.

please help me.

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