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Hello people,

I searched on the forum.. and nothing.

I remember that when I install my normal XP CD, the user (me) was able to choose the Windows Path, on the windows installation.

Now, the path it's always WINDOWS (or another that i choose on the options general tab).

How can I make it back, so the user can choose the path ?

thanks :D

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I think the only time that you could do that with an original CD is if you were installing to a partition that already contains an XP install, and you told it to install regardless, and if you go through the prompts correctly, and it is a full moon, it will prompt you for the install destination. :blink:

Do you always clean install? Do you ever install from within windows?

Also, if I am not mistaken, when you start the XP install from a DOS prompt using winnt.exe there was a command line option /d to specify the destination directory. It may be necessary to use /u, the unattended option, to activate /d.

EDIT NOTE: I just checked for /d and it is no longer supported, sorry.

It may also be possible to use the /t switch which copies the install files to a temp directory after which the installer prompts for a destination directory. I have not tried this before so my experience here is limited.

As T D stated, you could use a winnt.sif answer file and specify the destination directory there but that would make your installation unattended (at least in part.)

For more info, browse to your I386 directory on your CD from a command prompt and type " winnt.exe /? " (without quotes)

FYI " winnt.exe /d /? " returns the unsupported option.


XP Deployment Tools

Good luck

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