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Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs - anyone?


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Well, I did a few searches here for "winflp" and "windows fundamentals" and "fundamentals" and I got zip-nada-nothing for responses, so here we go.

Anyone have any experience with this particular form of Windows? The Microsoft page that talks about it sure doesn't say much. A Google search found references to a few brave souls that have tried installing it in VMWare machines and natively with seemingly good results.

Considering the bare minimum install is 80MB - basically turning a PC into an RDP "dumb terminal" - I'd think there'd be a lot more discussion about this particular version of Windows, especially in the nLite community.

Anyone tried this thing yet, or does anyone have anything useful to comment on?

Just curious... thanks


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I have tried for a short time this version of Windows and I am loving it. There is so much tweakin, customizing and meddling that you could do with it. It's meddler's paradise.

So my question is does anibody know if nlite could be used on it...or should I be the Pioneer and find that for myself?

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