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Suggestion to add category to this board!


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Apparently the only updated list of these updates are found UNDER the "Unofficial WIN98SE Service Pack" subcategory (which has nothig to do with updates and non-USP users), AND it's THIRTY TWO PAGES of discussions, comments, opinions and a few file locations!


How about a CATEGORY for the moderators to add, that features tested specific updates sorted by the MS KB#, and description, so we can have a "one stop shop" for these. I know MGDX has a site with all this, but it's sort of hard to figure out what and where on his site, and this way it would be just like a text-based windows update site fo all. Maybe a format like this:

918439 IE6 ART image update

and the post would be:

918439 | 06-022 | IE6 ART image update | 06/06 | Jgdw400.dll (, Jgpl400.dll (

and then a link to the patch and and additional info will be placed next in the text of the post.

I just think that THIS SITE would be a great place to host this!


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Hey there, from your security thread you posted that led to this.

I don't know but I always hated that Microsoft Business update download site since it would hardly descibe anything and many of the links to KB articles were never updated when they changed so led to nowhere.

And the KB articles were also not so helpful as to what to install first, second, etc. It was a big guessing game whether the update was obsolete, replaced by something else, etc.

That description you gave as a possible example would be unintelligible to most average users as, with my experience, I had no idea what the update was for based upon reading it.

So, maybe some "could do better," but in my opinion that woudn't be the way.

I kind of like the way MDGx has it all set up on his site.

Just my opinion.

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