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I have create a CD but the cd key was incorrect and I was in fullinattend mode

The cd is correct but I don't have the files to re-create this. How can I reburn the cd in defaultHide mode or change my cd key?



Sorry for my bad english.... :whistle:

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I often use nLite to just rebuild the ISO after editing the WINNT.SIF file with Notepad (as Alanoll suggested) or adding files to the contents. I like the fact that I can skip all the other options in nLite if I only want to rebuild the ISO, and I don't have to remember those command-line options.

I consider this a strong feature of nLite. Under the $OEM$ directory I will often put the latest versions of Firefox and other useful programs, and there have been quite a few updates lately! After copying over the new version, I just rebuild the ISO with nLite.

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