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15 Minute XP Install with BTS, Apps. Autopatcher etc...

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Made me a .wim image and have tested it on multiple configurations...and EVERYTHING works :)

WindowsXP, all patches and updates via autopatcher, various apps, and BTS drivers all installed with first boot going straight into sysprep -factory

i am stoked. That knocked off over an hour on each and every install I do now (OPK + RIS...but now I guess I am going to be using WDS ;))

Now I have to do it with OEM Home Edition (since that is the most commonly used).

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WOW, Sounds Impressive! 15min install!!!

Can you share the wealth of how you got it to this point?

...maybe even a little Tut. would be awsome!

Well....don't have it 100% down yet to do a tutorial, but it is just taking my RIS/OPK deployments and making a wim image out of them...

The key is WDS though...I mean, the time it takes to install Vista as compared to using the dvd is insane!! Less han 30 minutes to do a Beta 2 vanilla install.

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Yes, Windows Deployment Services. Which, although buggy as hell right now has the potential to be a great replacement for RIS.

Snag, I'm guessing you're going to do a custom WinPE 2.0 image that ImageXs your WIM down to the workstation?

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15min? What are the specs of your system?

My install, with updatepack, drivers (BTS), apps and lots of other stuff (1 CD) takes up 25 minutes on new computers (>=2GHz, 512/1024MB, new modern 7200rpm harddisk). And 35-45 minutes on older pcs (around 35 minutes on a 1.6Ghz/512MB Centrino laptop, 40-45 minutes on an old 1.0 Ghz Athlon/256 MB SDRAM). And on older computers (800mhz and lower, 192/128 mb sdram) it can take up 1,5-2 hours or more because of 7z compression etc.

Just with RunOnceEx @T12/13 & a 2nd RunOnceEx for some final tasks at first boot + Wihu for user creation.

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