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How to extract from cab files and keep long file names?


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I am trying to extract some files from the win 98 cabs but I can't seem to keep the long file names. Most files in the cabs do not have long filenames but some do. I have tried extract.exe, extract32.exe, and IZArc.

Help me please :unsure:

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I have extractnow and some other programs installed.. But for extracting, I use WinRAR.. I know for a fact you can extract those files from a cab file without problems just by rightclicking and selecting extract in the the WinRAR shell extension.

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I always use extrac32.exe to preserve LFNs of files inside CABs.


98SE2ME.EXE installs latest version of extrac32.exe [5.2.3790.0]:


You don't have to install any 98SE2ME options, just install 98SE2ME.EXE in C:\9!M = the installer will do that automatically when you 1st run it.

It will also copy EXTRAC32.EXE from C:\9!M into %windir% and will overwrite whatever older [buggy] version you may have.

Then you can uninstall 98SE2ME from either:

- Start button -> Programs -> 98SE2ME -> run "Uninstall 98SE2ME" shortcut.


- Start button -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> select "98SE2ME: Killer Replacements: ME -> 98 SE" -> click Add/Remove button.

To install 98SE2ME.EXE you must be running Win98 SE OS.

Older extrac32 versions may be buggy. This newer one is ok as far as I know.

If you prefer other [3rd party] tools to do this:


Look at the ones which support CAB format.

Most are free(ware).


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