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testing Nlite 1.0.1 error messages


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From a previous post about 2 weeks back I made a similar comment.

I removed .NET v2.0 and patch from the system. I then started Nlite 1.0.1 to see what error

message I'd get. I realize that it requires .NET v2.0. I have .NET v1.0 and v1.1 on the system.

Here is the error message I got.

"A fatal error occurred.However, mscorees.dll could not be loaded to display the appropriate

error message. Please reinstall the .NET framework."

Although this message is ok, the problem is that a beginner may not realize for the

particular version of Nlite they have, that it requires a specific version of .NET. Of course,

they should Read the manual, but...... Suggest that the message be modified to specify

which version of .NET is required. Thus, change to "Please reinstall the .NET 2.0 framework." :yes:

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