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MCE Remote keyboard for Pro


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I just go an MCE Remote keyboard and would like to also use it for an XP Pro installation. Which parts of Update Rollup 1 do I have to put in my Pro install to support this keyboard?

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Hi Bezalel,

All you need is SP2. I use my MCE Remote Keyboard on XP Pro all the time.

You just plugin the eHome Transceiver, let XP Pro find it, then switch on the Remote Keyboard. :)

Interesting...I have the Keyboard in MCE and I recall seeing a specific update just for the eHome Receiver / Keyboard. It wasn't a high priority update, just an update...I will try to find the hotifx number for you...

EDIT: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912024/

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The problem is that the keyboard only works if you have Update Rollup 1 or later installed. Since I don't have MCE installed I cant apply the Update Rollup. If I knew which files from the update rollup were for the keyboard I might be able to install them manually.

Overall the keyboard is a big dissapointment. Since it does not emulate a legacy keyboard I can't use it to access the BIOS or during Windows Setup.

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