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quick and dumb Distributed File Sytem question


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I'm getting more and more confused of how to set up a simple replication DFS.

I know that the main benefit of DFS is to "umbrella" a bunch of locations under one link.

I just want the benefit of having a single folder replicated across three different servers, so users can still access thier files, even if one of the physical servers on which those files reside becomes unavailable.

I created a simple DFS root, then a simple link (called "marketing") to the local folder. Then I created a "new target" for that link, pointing to an empty folder (on each offsite server)to be filled with the replicated files.

I hope someone could help me out in getting what I'm trying to do...

Any thoughts are appreciated,


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To my knowledge DFS has no inherent replication, like the DC's have. I had to resort to robocopy until we got our SMS task going. Basic, but it works. If there is a replication engine in DFS I don't know about it or have no rights to it. :}

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I've attached a pix of what's going on.

I'm trying to edit a file name, and I can't... Everything through the "domain.com\root" is read only. I've checked the permissions and security. Notice, that there's a "link" folder in the "domain.com\root". That folder was there after I created the link, but it is not accessible.

I just want to be able to edit the files (I'm wondering if the files are read only if you go through the "domain.com\root" path). and what's going on with the "link" folder?



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Yeah, I checked it out and I don't have perms to use the File Replication Service (just a lowly admin drone in our large corporate hive) so I have to do it the hard way.

Back to your issue, do you get the same error when trying to edit the file through the share itself (\\Tesla\files)? I'm not sure why DFS would be cauing the issue since it's basically an alias service. Also, you may want to go to the DFS root and check the DFS tab un der the folder properties to see which server you're actually connected to when you get the error. That would be the place to start.

Once the share is working normally on each server it should function fine in DFS. Do you possibly have different permissions across the 3 servers (different users/groups on each share)?

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