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Office Discrimination: (take with a little salt please)


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First i wanna say hi to all...

its tuesday night and im terribly board,

there aren't mutch topics of my intrests on this board this eve so i kinda got lost and ended up here.

But what realy struck me what thate the office part of these forums is just about MS office..

Aren't Open Office (that also work realy good on windows) or any of the other office suites like Wordperfect or Lotus good enought to be listed here as equals to Microsoft Office

and wouldn't this forum be the place to look if i wanted to know How i could add a databace query to a Open Document speadsheet

even though i eknowledge that Office has a far bigger market share

(if you dont count corporate use: > mostly because of the illigal coppies at home)

i still wanted to point this out,

feadback appreciated.....

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blinkdt, yes your right it is, but as they are now starting to use the open document format, xml, then surely the question can be asked as i guess we aren't blinkered in our knowledge.

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