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Command Queuing


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I have a Seagate HD (ST3808110AS) According to its details it supports NCQ and when I Check my device manager under the Controllers the NCQ is enabled.

but using this app (HDD Health) that checks HD conditions

the generated reports shows the following:

edit: I just attached the TXT file... the formatting is getting mess up.. sorry


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is there a tool to change options for the hdd? for my hdd i can boot off of a floppy and change a bunch of options. afaik this is the only way to change ncq to on/off.

there where no included tool w/ my hdd, i'll try searching seagate site if i find something similar to the tool your speaking of.

thanks :)


i found this http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/drivers/discwiz.html on their site. could this be what your referring to?

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