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NTSH Toolsuite 7 released


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I put together a compilation of command line tools that I use on an everyday basis. Here is the Blog address to get them and please offer any feedback you may wish


Here is a quick description

What is NTSH Toolsuite


NTSH is a collection of command line tools and utilities with NTSH being the designated user shell. NTSH is similar to BASH and other UNIX type command shells.

What NTSH Toolsuite isnt


Not a replacement or clone of MSH or Powershell. If you like and or religously use Powershell, PC-DCL or cmd.exe it is recommended that you use CorePak instead. Unless of course you do like NTSH

Does NTSH Phone home


No, NTSh does not include viruses, spyware or any other malware. It is recommended you scan the package first.

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