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Remote login to console on W2k3

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Ive been using w2k3 for some few weeks now and I found out that unlike XP when you do a remote destop connection to your w2k3 computer you dont get the console to display. That means that if you left your w2k3 computer at work with outlook or some other programs running and tried to access it using RDP you'll get a new desktop screen.

So if you want to access the console (or what your computer monitor displays when you left it) you have to put in the switch /console after the computer name before you login using rdp.

<computer name> /console

This doesnt work with RDP client that comes with XP, you have to install the RDP 5.2 client from the W2k3 CD, Let the CD autorun then click perform additional tasks, the install remote desktop connection.

This info may be elementary for others but i hope it'll help those who are new to W2k3 like me.

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