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Aaron you'll want to update this for the guide

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The command lines text method does indeed support hotfixing with accompanying switches using the win32 api rather than the wow api and is about 15-30% faster overall and more robust than the batch script as far as stress on memory starved systems

I also have a concurrent list of applicable fixes (i ignore the security fixes by and large - pointless race and am a better programmer and more conscious admin than to leave myself a** out as these flaws seem to indicate for a lot of these people who do not lock their systems down)

at any rate - here we go


".\SVCPACK\Q282010.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q322011.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q323255.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q327696.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q327979.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q328310.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329048.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329115.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329170.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329256.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329390.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329441.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329604.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329623.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329692.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q329834.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q330512.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q330909.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q331953.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q331958.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810032.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810243.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810272.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810400.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810565.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810577.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q810833.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q811630.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q812035.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q812415.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q814033.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q814995.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q815021.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q815485.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q816073.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q817606.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q820128.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q820291.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q821253.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q821557.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q821581.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q822603.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q823559.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"

".\SVCPACK\Q823980.EXE -U -Q -N -Z"



Syntax must match -m is superceded by -u for xp unattended


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will post a complete list guide for the MS-OPK guide version of the automated discs

give me a day or two to put it all together as the documentation and options are pretty extensive

but a good bit more stable in builds that need to work the first time round

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