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in the manual, it says atleast 2 drive so if i only have 1 drive it won't work?
RAID=Redundant Array of (Independent|Inexpensive) Drives

I'd say by defninition you can't have a raid with less than 2 drives, no matter what the level.

With that said, it might be possible in the controller's BIOS setup to make one drive an "array" so that when you get more money and want to add additional hard drives, you won't need to reformat/reinstall your OS and start over.

While I'm not an expert on the subject, how about telling us what controller you're using (or is it mother board based)?

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The whole point of RAID is that you're using 2 or more hard drives to act as one.

If you've only got one disk, then it's not RAID. Simple as that.

Here's a good website that explains the various kinds of RAID arrays you can set up. - Link

As for the 1 disk "array" - it won't work for RAID0. There's no way to start striping the data "from now on" when you've added a new drive. You can, however, typically build a RAID1 array from a single disk by simply telling your RAID controller to copy the files from the old hard drive to the new one. Just make sure you remember which is which!

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