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logon scripts


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can assist

I have some stand alone XP pro pc's that i want to run scripts at logon, however my first thought, using the logon script part of the users profile properties wont work. I know i can use mmc to load local policy etc and do it that way, and it works, but it should also work as i describe in the first part of this thread, the fact its not is bugging me now that i have to find out what i'm doing wrong.

One error i did get was to state that the path i used was not relative!! Using . or %systemdrive% then the rest of the path cure's this error but the script still dont run.

Any ideas???

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make sure your logon scripts are in the "netlogon" share of the server.

then in properties box of the user in active directory, just type in then name of the login script....

ie.... logonscript.bat or logonscript.cmd

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If you have XP Pro, "Run..." --> "gpedit.msc". From the computer configuration you can set startup/shutdown scripts, or under user configuration you can set logon/logoff scripts.

Word of caution: group policy editor comes with the same warning as the registry editor, caution should be used when making changes.

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thnxs for the replies,

I have found my silly mistake :blushing:

Just to round up for those that may be looking for answers.....

1st i wouldn't recommend using this

just put your logon script in the "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder

Points to remeber when setting up logon scripts for local users

you can use any directory you like really but need to share it as netlogon

this directory is read only - so bare in mind when writing script, this was my mistake :blushing:

Case closed, problem solved many thanks

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