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[How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide


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That's entirely up to how long it will take me to find some key files inside Window 7 installation. I can't provide any ETA at this moment :)

Just expect the worst and hope for the best ;)

Im definitly hoping for the best!:)

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got a little confused preparing to make dvd useing this guide ... cant find cd shell anywhere ..

cdshell.org looks to be down for some time and there is no mirror that i can find ...

do you guys have cd shell link that i could use ?

thanks in advance :)

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Althougth it doesn't change anything when using other bootloaders. Just make them point to the same xxxx.dat file.
Yes, this works.
By the way, what good boot loaders are you guys using nowadays?

I'm used to grub4dos, read original setupldr.bin and edit setupldr.bin in RAM. No need to hex edit a file at build time.

Compare post

And to use three boot files only




Edit txtsetup.sif, adjust SetupSourcePath and create BootPath:

SetupSourcePath = "\XHO1\"
BootPath = \XHO1\I386\

XP 64 example

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