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can't see xp hard drive


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I just installed windows 2000, but it is not letting me access my 2nd hard drive, which was ntfs formatted with windows xp installation.

I get a message when I click on the hard drive, it tells me "the disk drive is not formatted, would like to format now". Hell no, I have a lot of files on there.

Is there any way I can access this hard drive?

I tried accessing the hard drive with my dad's computer (he is using win xp), and it does show the drive, with all the files, so obviously this is some windows 2000 thing. I transferred the files to my dad's hard drive, and then to my other hard drive (the one with windows 2000). Weirdly, some files were accessible and some weren't, the folder showed up, but it showed up as empty.

Can someone please help?

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Not sure, but I think the problem is down to the version of NTFS on the XP drive not being recognised by 2000.

I know that this was a problem with NT4, which was partially rectified with SP4, so I would suggest applying the latest service pack to your 2k machine.

Alternatively, if you have a network, you can try to acess remotely with the drive in the XP machine

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