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windows unnattended installation how speed up ?

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i have found browsing this forums that to speed installation of unnattended windows xp that u have to

Sort file names in txtsetup.sif & dosnet.inf to speed up install

that u have repack file so there smaller en copied faster from cd/dvd

en that making windows as small as possibel speed up instal proces

im wondering that there arent other ways to speed it up

i dint test txtsetup en dosnet file yet but i did e smal test on the repack file comprimeren

i tested that if u have en map with 209mb files it copies from dvd to hd in 1.44 sec

en e the same file packet wit 7zip normal way that it copies that file from dvd to hd in 54.93

en extracks that file from dvd to hd in 1.19 sec so that only e 25 sec increase in speed

but i stil wanna now this in the windows cd there are e lot off files that are packet are the file extracket to the hd or are these first copied en the unpacket because like i have found on these forums there talking ebout extrackting the cab file en stuff to increase the speed off installation now if the file are first copied en then extrackted then the time is more then if the files are unpacked on cd en then copied to hd

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Hi there!

First of all you really have to learn how to write properlly... Missed quite a few things in there.

It's not possible to unpack (unzip or extract) files ON the CD and then copy them to the hd, because it's impossible to write to the CD. What it is possible is to have all files unpacked previouslly on the CD, so there's no need for extraction, then the only thing that must be done is to copy the files to the hd, thus speeding up the instalation. What you really would want to know is how to do that, right? Honestly i don't know, just think that it's possible and maybe someone can help you out with that :)

Anyway there's the "Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source" by gosh. It speeds up the instalation process as well.

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