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Need Command Supported Dir/File App


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I never realized how many file managers there are until I tried to find one

that will work with a script that I'm building. The script is about 90% complete,

but I need a small command style applet that will do two things:

1 - Get the creation date of a file specified in the script, and add that date to

the folder containing the file. If a directory is named "John's Updates" I want

the directory renamed "John's Updates_mm/dd/yy."

2 - Scan a group of folders with the same name but different dates and delete

the oldest in the bunch. Again, if there are a group of folders named "John's

Updates" that all have different dates I want the applet to dump the oldest one

into the Recycle Bin.

I've come across file managers that can do hundreds, even thousands of

different file operations! All I need is command utility with no console or

window that can do the two things listed above.

Thanks to all at MSFN!

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