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98SE Question


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Lot's of folks have problems getting the default bridged networking to work. Switch to the other one (NAT, I think. I forget exactly.) and it'll work. But make sure you install a firewall and virus scanner on your guest (Windows 98SE) operating system. Your host OS won't be damaged by an attack, as long as your firewall is active there, but your guest is susceptable to attack just like any standalone computer.

If you connect to the net on your guest, also make sure you fully update it with all the security updates for Internet Explorer, etc.

By the way, the driver is automatically installed for the emulated LAN card in the guest so you needn't worry about that. Just be sure to install VMWare Tools for video and download the Creative SB16PCI WDM driver for audio from the Creative website. (Install the 98SE WDM Microsoft update before the soundcard driver.)

To fix midi and wave so it doesn't speed up or blank out, add the following lines to your Windows98.vmx file:

pciSound.DAC1InterruptsPerSec = 0

pciSound.DAC2InterruptsPerSec = 0

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