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testing XPcreated CD


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Hello All,

Today I'm testing the free release of XPcreate 20 august 2005.

It looks all promising and well prepared.

I collected hotfixes and some other updates, saved them in the correct folders.

But while installing from the new created XP home CD, I encountered the following error message in what seems a CMD window of the installer.

It said something that sounds like:


The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

After I clicked OK, the installer continued, but this worries me.

What went wrong?


Well, I found the logfile and learned that XPCT108.EXE is a new name for Windows-KB890830-V1.7A-ENU.exe, which was corrupt in my source. And it appears that I can't download a complete version from microsoft.com. I got Windows-KB890830-V1.5-ENU.exe instead.

Going to do a new test with this.

Anyway, compliments to the developer of this script!

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KB890830-ver 1.7A was an old KB890830 which was released in August 2005. :(

Why do you need to use an old file?

Now we can get the latest version Windows-KB890830-V1.15 from WU.

I've never faced a problem (script error) about KB890830. :P




* 1771KB : Windows-KB890830-V1.15.exe (2006 Apr version)

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